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The entire team of employees and agents with The Hunter Group undergo both on the job and external training to ensure they are fully conversant and compliant to all necessary legislation. Newly appointed agents undertake on the job training in the field working with an experience agent. A detailed Field Agents Guide is issued to each agent detailing what is expected of the agent and how to handle speciifc situations likely to be encountered in the course of their work. At all times, our agents are able to make direct telephone access 24 hours a day to experienced senior management to gather urgent instructions and directions.

All agents of The Hunter Group are licensed Operators pursuant to the NSW Commercial Agents & Private Inquiry Agents Act, 2004 - under that licensing regulation, each agent undergoes an annual rigorous background and bankruptcy check by the NSW Police.

We ensure our team members have a full appreciation of the following obligations:

  •  The rules of service for all Australian jurisdictions;
  •  The Commercial Agents & Private Inquiry Agents Act, 2004;
  •  The Federal Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles;
  •  The Federal Trade Practices Act;
  •  The ASIC/ACCC Guidelines for Collectors.